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What's Goin Down

Bringing Professional Network Management Tools To Your Pocket

What's Goin Down is a professional grade TCP server network monitoring tool built specifically for iPhone OS.

"★★★★★ Works Great! - I am the sole IT guy where I work and can use tools like this to help me out."

- IT-Guy (App Store Review)

Using it, you configure your servers host names and ports, then What's Goin Down connects to them to verify that the services are running and healthy.

What's Goin Down is fully compatible with any and all TCP based network services including HTTP, HTTPS, POP, IMAP, SSH and SMTP, and can be used over WiFi, 3G, or Edge network connectivity.

Version 2.0 of What's Goin Down brings with it an entirely redesigned UI, designed to speed your workflow when entering servers by grouping services from the same host in one location. It also adds the ability to store and graph up to 10 of the last results for each service so that you can graphically see your connection latency. Additionally, it adds the ability to associate customized badge icons with particular servers.

"I've found Random Ideas' application, What's Goin Down, to be darned useful.... What's Goin Down allows me to verify server operational status quickly and efficiently from almost anywhere."

- John C. Welch (Macworld.com)


* Note: Due to the way the iPhone SDK works, automatic checking is only available while the iPhone is awake and the application is active.

In keeping with our company mission, we will be donating 5% of the net pre-tax profits for Goin Down to charity. The selected charity for What's Goin Down will be to benefit Autism.

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