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We Tried Them All

There's a million to-do list apps in the App Store. We know, we've tried them all!

You've probably tried them too, and you know how it goes: you download them, you use them for a day or two, you try to enter your to-dos into them.

You soon discover that it just takes too much time and too much effort to use them. Before you know it, you're back to using your Moleskine or the Notepad app.

It seems like they should be great, they have priorities, and due dates, and a plethora of features that you think you'll use, but you never do. Why is that?

We Asked Our Friends

We asked all our friends why they weren't using the to-do list apps they'd bought and they all gave us the same answer. The app's interfaces were just too clunky, too busy, too complicated. What we needed was an app that was featureful, but which also just gets out of the way and allows us to focus on getting things done!

That's Why We Built Wasabi

Wasabi has all the important features to help you capture, organize, and execute:

What Wasabi doesn't have is clutter. Just a clean, beautiful, efficient app that you'll actually use, because there's nothing getting in your way.

Be Here Now!

Using Wasabi, you can quickly and easily capture tasks: there's only 2 fields you have to enter data into. Just title and description. Done.

If you're creating a checklist or a shopping list, you can even enter it as if you were editing a note: Just enter one item per line. Wasabi will convert it to a list when you save it.

To prioritize your tasks in Wasabi, you simply drag them and sort them. The tasks at the top of your list have the highest priority, just like they should. Simple, elegant, perfect.

Once you have your tasks and projects entered into Wasabi, you can set a project as your focus. Your focus is the project or goal you're working on right now. As you change from project to project through your day, you simply change your focus, and a brand new to-do list comes into play.

Do you need to work on specific tasks at the office that are different from the tasks you have at home? You can configure those locations within Wasabi, and when you are at those places, Wasabi will detect that, and show you the appropriate worklist. Wasabi can even alert you when you are close to locations with active tasks. This is great for shopping lists!

By letting Wasabi remember your tasks for you, you can free up your mind to focus only on the tasks at hand. You'll finally be able to be here now when getting things done!

Add Projects, Goals, and Tasks to your iPhone Home Screen

We worked really hard to make capture and access to your to-dos really easy and fast. We even made it so that you can add links to your important tasks and projects directly to your iPhone home screen. Wasabi is the first and only app in the App Store with this capability.

Over-the-Air Sync

A lot of hullabaloo has been made about over-the-air synchronization over the last year. Wasabi is shipping with it out of the box, and it's free, but more importantly, it's simple. So simple you won't even notice it's happening. It's like magic.

Sync wouldn't be very useful if you didn't have multiple platforms running the app to sync with! So we're pleased to announce that Wasabi for Mac also available! Wasabi for iPad is under active development.

Sharing Tasks

You might even be one of those folks who has so much to do, you can't do it all yourself. Well, with Wasabi you can delegate, delegate, delegate! Take any of your tasks or projects and share it with someone else to assign it to them. It automatically shows up in their copy of Wasabi and any edits or changes they make to it magically propagate back to you!


As with all our products, when you purchase Wasabi, we'll donate 5% of our pre-tax net profits to aide charity. Wasabi's chosen charity is Autism research.

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