A Tool to Capture Inspiration When it Strikes

With Wasabi for Macintosh, you can create, manage, and organize your to-dos directly on your desktop. Wasabi has two interfaces for managing your to-dos:

First, you can use the main Wasabi interface, which provides full editing and drag and drop organization for your tasks. You can drag tasks among projects, goals, and locations, and even drag and drop them to sort them according to the order in which they need to be done.

Second, Wasabi also has a heads up display interface which hovers over your desktop and is always a click of your mouse away. Using this interface, you can see your currently focused project and instantly add new items to your focused project whenever they pop into your head.

Flexible Enough to Adapt to Your Changing Priorities. All Day, Every Day.

Just like Wasabi for iPhone, you can use Wasabi for Macintosh to change your priorities and your current focus whenever you need to.

If you're working away on one project, and another jumps up and needs attention, you can change your focus with just a click of the mouse. Then, when the crisis is over, you can return just as easily to what you were working on before.

You can even organize your projects into goals, and focus on a goal. Your to-do lists and tasks will sort according to the order you set. First by project, then by task within your projects. The special "Focus" project shows your currently focused project or goal.

It couldn't be simpler.

Shareable - With Anyone, Any Time

Just like Wasabi for iPhone, with Wasabi for Macintosh you can share your projects, goals, places, or even individual tasks with anyone, any time. When they update a task, it wirelessly updates your version. If you mark something as finished, theirs is updated as well.

You can sit down at your desk at the beginning of the day, draw up a to-do list, delegate the tasks to others, and then check the progress of the project later on your iPhone. It's that easy.

You can even share your shopping list with your spouse across town.

The perfect companion for Wasabi for iPhone

When we built Wasabi for iPhone, we built it from the ground up with the ability to sync, wirelessly and transparently, with all of your devices.

We always knew that Wasabi wouldn't reach it's maximum potential until we delivered the same beautiful and productive experience on as many platforms as we could and we promised we would do that.

Now, we're delivering on that promise as we bring you Wasabi for Macintosh.


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